What Lollapalooza Can Teach Us about Good Communication

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Effective communication is hard. Effective communication that drives a desired action is super hard. And if you're trying to communicate effectively to a diverse group of employees, the job can feel darn near impossible. Well, it doesn't have to be that way, and believe it or not, Lollapalooza provides a template for creating and executing a communications plan that really rocks. No pun intended.

Key Highlights:

  • An easy to execute 5 step plan to produce a compelling, action-driving campaign...from a marketer's perspective
  • The single most important element of a strong, highly motivating message
  • Six outside-the-box communication ideas to jazz up your next communications challenge
March 2017

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Bob Armour is the chief marketing officer at Jellyvision, a creator of interactive software products that talk millions of employees at hundreds of companies through big life decisions, like selecting a health insurance plan, saving for retirement, and navigating a leave of absence. Bob's 25+ year career has been mostly in marketing, but it has included stints as a volunteer high school teacher in Pago Pago, American Samoak and CEO of a start-up tech company whose photo-sharing app did more downloads in its first week than Instagram did. Though Jellyvision has won numerous "Best Places to Work" awards, including the best place for millennials to work in Chicago, Bob is a Gen Xer through and through who loves '80s music, especially the one hit wonders. He's proud to say he's the fourth oldest employee (out of 343) at Jellyvision. @bobarmour