'What a day': Taking advantage of live social media experiences and trends

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Your organization’s brand voice and social media guidelines are vital to an aligned online presence, but you can’t afford to sound stiff or only share your own content and announcements. By understanding your audience and how it fits in to trending events, news and pop culture, you can better relate with members while racking up social media kudos.

Alyssa Velazquez, director of MTV’s social media and fan engagement at ViacomCBS, will showcase how the TV brand stays authentic across its social media profiles that collectively carry more than 100 million followers. She’ll also share MTV’s success in covering live events such as the Met Gala and other trending news and experiences on Twitter, Instagram and beyond. Learn ways to deliver value while boosting brand affinity—and how you can successfully insert yourself into trending online conversations.

March 2020

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Alyssa Velazquez is director of MTV's social media and fan engagement for ViacomCBS. With a focus on the brand specific social handles, Velazquez leads the strategic development and creative execution of fan engagement, digital marketing and content distribution campaigns. Her team manages MTV’s social channels that account for upwards of 100 million followers collectively on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Snapchat. As a leader in entertainment social media space, some of her award-winning campaign accolades include the 2018 Video Music Awards and MTV’s Plus1theVote campaign. Prior to working for MTV, Velazquez's beginnings at the ViacomCBS family started with Vh1 in its talent and casting department.