The Virtual Guide to Corporate Video: Tips and tricks to produce videos that rock

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What You’ll Learn:: 

You've had a chance to practice basic techniques. Now dig deeper.

Move beyond just hosing down the room with a camera. Join Drew Keller as you master video. Drew says, "All it takes is practice."

Key Takeaways:

  • Interview on camera
  • Use a "rubber face" when you ask interview questions
  • Use lighting to create compelling images
  • Avoid ruining your video with bad audio
  • Select the best microphones—and how to use them
  • Edit without tearing your hair out
  • Engage your audience through video sequencing
  • Choose the right location for your video
  • Increase your storytelling power by sequencing video images
  • Use a tripod to take your video from amateur to professional
July 2013

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Presenter bio: 

Drew Keller is an award-winning television producer, editor, Web developer and educator. His production experience ranges from international documentaries to prime-time specials; community events to national advertising; multimedia and children's programming to home movies of his kids. Drew recently developed an internal media portal for Microsoft, and is the developer and host of StoryGuide.