Video Evolution: How to produce videos that inform, engage and entertain employees

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You want to make a video for your organization, but you’re no Cecil B. DeMille.

Best not to bother, then, right? Nonsense, says Hoyt Finnamore.

Making a video isn’t that hard. You needn’t have experience. You don’t even have to have talent (no criticism implied).

Make it as simple or complicated as you’d like. And even if your workplace is full of grumpy types harboring unspoken grievances, you’ll find they are forgiving when it comes to video.

Key Takeaways:

  • Breathe life into dull corporate stories by adding video
  • Move away from slick, produced video to content that’s creative, edgy and fun
  • Use your employees to tell your story
  • Create compelling videos on little or no budget
  • Choose the right equipment and strategy to get started
April 2013

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Hoyt Finnamore Mayo Clinic on Ragan Training

Hoyt Finnamore is a senior communications consultant at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. He has been with Mayo for more than 20 years as an employee communicator.