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Alfonso Quiroz and Sidney Alvarez of Con Edison traveled to San Juan, Puerto Rico to tell stories about energy organizations and workers banding together to restore power to the hurricane-ravaged island. Their videos showed how thousands of line workers, technical specialists and damage assessors overcame unique challenges working on Puerto Rico’s unfamiliar overhead system. Discover how Alfonso and Sidney broadcast these stories to a wider audience via social media to highlight the important work their organization is doing.

November 2018

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Sidney Alvarez, a multi-Emmy Award-winning television journalist, is responsible for media relations and social media strategies for Consolidated Edison of New York, Inc. At Con Edison he places positive stories about the organization, its programs and employees in local and national media. He also uses his television background to develop cutting-edge videos that entertain, educate, inform and inspire. He created and hosts Con Ed’s 30-minute television show, "Plugged In," which focuses on wide-ranging energy topics and how they affect the daily lives of New Yorkers.

Alfonso Quiroz is a spokesperson at Con Edison in New York, where he’s played an instrumental role in fostering a city-wide energy awareness, as well as in implementing, coordinating a leading social media strategy that has won industry recognitions and national awards.He also serves as president of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Queens (HCCQ), where he’s heightened the organization’s profile, relevance and impact, all while developing a greater political awareness and sensitivity to issues of importance to the community he serves.