Use data to determine whether communications are actually working

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We communicate tons of information to employees, but do we know whether the message is getting through? Communications programs suffer when budgets get cut because it’s difficult to quantify the impact of effective communications. Communications managers want more data, but common measurement techniques seldom go beyond measuring activity to assessing real effectiveness.

Key Highlights:

  • The difference between activity metrics and results metrics
  • How to show the impact of your programs over time
  • How to take better advantage of data when developing your communications plans
  • How to use modern visualization tools such as Tableau to show communications effectiveness data
  • How to use data to understand what’s working and not working in your communications program
March 2018

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Michael Jordan is the head of JLL’s “People & Process” consulting practice, which includes a communications service agency business specializing in corporate real estate and workplace experience. Over his 10 years at JLL, Michael has earned the firm’s “da Vinci Award for Innovation” several times for his work in risk management, sustainability, and employee productivity. He is a published author of the book “Six Sigma for Sustainability” and of several papers on topics such as performance measurement and strategic planning. Mr. Jordan’s clients have included Cisco, Coca-Cola, Dell, HSBC Bank and Xerox. He lives in Portland with his wife and four sons.