Use Communications and Social Media to Change the Narrative during a Crisis: A case study from Target’s security breach

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In December 2013, Target experienced one of the worst crises in its history when hackers breached the company’s security and stole guest data. Hear from Target’s head of communication about what it was like during the early days of the data breach and how communication and social media played a critical role in turning around the company’s narrative.

Key Highlights:

  • How Target got the utmost out of its communication and social media
  • Why a company’s transformation often needs to start with its employees
  • The ultra-importance of transparency when you talk to customers, even when your message isn’t positive
  • How to break down silos to enable effective collaboration and quick decision-making
  • The power of creating compelling content that breaks through the clutter
  • Why it’s critical to listen to and engage with your customers—in good times and bad
  • How Target went back to its roots to build back trust and grow brand love
March 2017

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Presenter bio: 

Dustee Tucker Jenkins is senior vice president and chief communication officer at Target. Dustee directs all external communications and media relations, internal communications and Target’s web site. Under Dustee, Target has executed communications campaigns touted nationwide, including the debuts of designer collaborations such as Missoni, Jason Wu and Lilly Pulitzer. Dustee also oversees corporate communications. She led Target’s media relations during its heavily publicized data breach, its exit from Canada, the public rollout of its new CEO and the transition of its pharmacy business. Dustee manages internal marketing and communications where she has introduced new internal platforms and revamped Target’s way of engaging its 341,000 team members. Before Target, Dustee was a director at Public Strategies, Inc. and served as the director of communications of the Department of Housing and Urban Development as an appointee of President George W. Bush.