Understand your employee audience: Get great comprehension, engagement, reaction

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The biggest error in many Fortune 500 companies is the presumption that if you spend a lot of time crafting your message and hit “send,” then you’ve achieved your goal, says Scott Irgang.

Not so. The essence of connecting with employee audiences is understanding exactly what they want.

Communicating with them is both easier and harder than ever. Many channels make it easier, but the clutter makes it harder.

Join Scott Irgang for this new Ragan webinar, and he'll share three decades’ worth of powerful employee messaging with you. You'll learn:

  • • 5 steps to understand your audience
  • • How to find good communication channels and stick to them
  • • How to apply the communication "loop" to your messages
  • • To overcome distance, time, space and language: Tips to communicate with anyone, anytime, anywhere
  • • To convince your audience you're listening and connected

Find out how to power through workplace noise to deliver engaging messages to your employees. It is possible. Irgang will help you understand how employees read, listen to and process information. Engagement with your workforce will dramatically improve when you learn this.

In an era of global workforces and work-from-homebodies, you no longer have the luxury of messaging employees who come in to work at the same time and in the same hours.

Are you delivering your message only to the top 15 percent? Are they equally connected? Are they completely bilingual or fluent—or are some, particularly in remote corners of the globe, less comfortable with English?

Most important of all, Are they engaged? Do they care about what’s going on in your organization?

Learn how to make them care. Get smart. Get Ragan Training.

October 2015

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Scott Irgang

Scott Irgang is the director of labor relations and employee engagement at Pitney Bowes, Inc. in Stamford, Connecticut. At PB, Irgang works on employee relations, policy, culture and engagement. He also directs PB’s global employee engagement survey. Irgang has served as an attorney, negotiator, lecturer, speechwriter, consultant and presenter. He has trained more than 100,000 supervisors, managers and executives to write persuasive workplace messages. An energetic, humorous, passionate presenter, he knows the importance of understanding an audience. Irgang is married to his high school sweetheart. His daughter will attend the Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University. He is an avid wine collector, with 3,000 bottles in his cellar.