Thriving employee engagement doesn’t have to be a ‘wish upon a star’

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With the increasing amount of content and messages bombarding members of your workforce, internal communicators face the challenge of finding the right mix of tools, strategies and channels that can deliver information in ways that increase interaction and interest in tangible, lasting ways. Margie Dolch, senior communications specialist at Celanese, will share the organization’s journey in building a social intranet and integrating its already successful blog—and how doing so boosted employee engagement in surprising ways. She’ll also share takeaways for getting your strategic team on board and going from plan to execution and beyond.

You’ll learn:

  • How to extend the reach of your content with culture and language initiatives to reach a global employee audience across departments and roles
  • Why and how you must meet your employees where they are: on mobile devices
  • Balancing your editorial calendar and traditional employee engagement initiatives with new technology and tools
  • Ways you can gain leadership buy-in and keep employees interested and interacting
March 2020

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Margie Dolch is a senior communications specialist and a key member of Celanese's employee engagement team. She began her career at Celanese in 2010 in the IT department, providing administrative support. In 2012 she was recruited to join the corporate communications team to manage the biggest SharePoint site in the company—the intranet. While building a business case for an exciting new platform and waiting on executive approval, she gained experience managing Celanese's social media channels and executed numerous marketing and employee engagement campaigns, including managing its employee-led blog. In 2018, Dolch launched Celanese's new employee engagement tool/social intranet. After a year, it is widely recognized as one of the company’s primary engagement and communication tools.