Think like a Journalist: How to write compelling copy that appeals to your audience

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Want to secure more headlines? Ditch tired, promotional prose and jargon and instead craft stories that intrigue readers, spark interest and take a new angle on a popular topic or trend. Amir Bibawy, The Associated Press' business editor of breaking news and digital strategy, will show you how to craft pitches that resonate with your target audience: journalists. He'll cover what makes one story outstanding and why others fall flat—and what you can do to trim the fat and deliver only the best pitches.

Key Highlights:

  • How to avoid bad writing and make your pitch emails sing
  • How to hook journalists in the first few sentences—and avoid what makes a journalist or editor click "delete"
  • Tips for uncovering stories and perfecting storytelling techniques
  • How to jump on a current trend or breaking news story by offering a relevant, unique angle
  • The types of content that can accentuate your story (quotes, visuals, etc.)
November 2017

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Amir Bibawy 

Amir Bibawy is the business breaking news and digital strategy editor at The Associated Press, where he receives hundreds of PR pitches every week. He has worked in television, print, radio and online media. He has worked as a journalist for more than 16 years, covering such diverse topics as the Arab Spring, the U.S. elections, financial news, the United Nations, Egyptian politics, Lebanese politics, cultural affairs and the U.S. Congress. He is a native Arabic speaker who speaks basic Hebrew and is also fluent in French and proficient in Italian and Portuguese.