A strategic approach to the content hairball

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Are you coughing up too much content and seeing too few results?

Time for a rethink, courtesy of Mayo Clinic’s Karen Trewin.

It’s not easy to change your way of doing things. Trewin knows.  She’s been there. She admits, “The way we were managing content was much like the way we were managing our refrigerator at home.”

But it’s necessary. Yet no one wants to talk about cleaning out the refrigerator, she says.

Take time to listen—and stop gagging on your content. You will:

  • Learn through case studies how Mayo Clinic's communications team has coordinated content better to produce less content, not more
  • Develop a content strategy that meets objectives and gets results
  • Plan content on several channels to maximize the strength of stories and messages
  • Discuss do-it-now content storage and curation tips

The first step is admitting you have a problem, Trewin says. Learn the principles of content coordination, and find out better ways to manage information.

You can reduce the clutter and optimize your content. And it’s possible to save money while doing it.

The plan? Do less … and do it better. Learn how to pilot ways to be better coordinated. Develop a system that supports your work. Store your assets in one place—and make them easy to find.

Trewin offers straight talk you need to hear: You most likely have lots of vehicles and they’re probably not coordinated very well.

There’s too much stuff out there for readers to lap up. No one ever said they’d love to add another newsletter to their reading mix. Learn how your work can be the content they do consume.

How? Ask, Trewin says. Research, research, research. If vehicles aren’t getting the play for what you’re putting into them, find out why. Look for opportunities to integrate. Don’t be afraid to drop what’s not working.

The good news: You’re most likely producing more content than you need to. Which means you can do more with less pointless work. Good stories don’t go out of style: audiences love an update.

Find out about integrating communications. Cross-pollinate stories, videos, and photos, and cross-promote print and intranet. Experiment with going “viral,” and learn about taxonomy, ontology, and search. Find out how to write it once and share it all over the place.

Trewin will get your department talking to each other. Know what your colleagues are working on. Evaluate your vehicles and make necessary adjustments. Develop a process to coordinate your content – it will make your life easier. And find out why you should tag, tag, tag, tag, tag, tag, and tag.

Get going. Join us here.

July 2013

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Presenter bio: 

Karen Trewin is a manager for institutional communications at Mayo Clinic, and leads a team that plans intranet, internal social media and internal news delivery strategies. Formerly, Karen strategized and implemented technical solutions for communications in journalism, in education and in for-profit and non-profit companies. Karen believes in caffeine to bust out of writer's block, writing that makes audiences feel like they're part of the story, the art and science of great headlines, and communications strategies that let communicators be creative.