Sticky Content: Are your stories obsolete after a single tweet? How to create content for the long haul

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Hey, you. The one with the Tupperware container full of fuzzy green glop at the back of your content fridge.

It’s hard to cook up a good meal for your hungry audience every day. But do you really think anybody’s ever going to devour all those moldy leftovers?

In this session, Sandra Fathi, president of Affect, provides best practices and tips on how to create content that has long-term as well as immediate value for your organization.

You will learn how to:

  • Decipher the content and topics your customers want
  • Create a content calendar for your organization
  • Develop content that can be used in multiple formats
  • Use breaking news and trends to create relevant, timely content
  • Create annual events, reports, surveys, roundups, predictions and other year-round content that lures your audience back for more

Discover how to create fresh content based on the stories of the day—yet still provide digital goodies that will keep your stakeholders satisfied. Find out how to generate actions, and discover what your customers want.

Narrow in on your target audience, and learn what causes people to share. Discover what your organization should be talking about, and what you ought to avoid. Learn how to use “brand hijacking” and breaking news in ways that stay fresh over time.

In a session full of examples, find out how to map out your content year.

Come on. It’s time to start afresh with your content icebox. Begin with Ragan Training.

December 2013

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Sandra Fathi

Sandra Fathi has spent the past 15 years helping technology companies achieve their communications goals. A celebrated speaker and active contributor to PR industry publications, she turns emerging communications tools into practical, useful strategies for clients with tangible ROI. Before founding Affect in 2002, Fathi led corporate communications and investor relations for RADVISION, a provider of video conferencing infrastructure products. Earlier, she was on the technology team at Edelman Public Relations Worldwide, where she specialized in the networking, telecommunications, computer hardware, software and Internet businesses. While at Edelman, some of her clients included Ericsson, EDS and Microsoft.