From start to finish: Your intranet’s business case, inspiration and tools

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You know your intranet needs a refresh, but how can you get everyone in your organization on board? Which platform and tools should you employ, and how do you know where to start? Erin Arizzi-Shores, senior associate communications specialist for SAS, will share the origin story of “Inside SAS” and take you behind the scenes so you can learn how the team is modernizing the organization’s intranet with WordPress to deliver its mission, vision and purpose to more than 14,000 employees worldwide. She’ll share the organization’s greatest accomplishments, biggest challenges and the strategic vision behind this project—along with takeaways to implement to rebuild your intranet.

November 2018

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Erin Arizzi-Shores, PHD, is senior associate communications specialist at SAS, where she works on the internal communications team as the governance lead on the redesign and rebuild of SAS' corporate intranet. In this role, she works closely with a development team in IT and content owners all over the company to deliver a modern digital platform that keeps SAS employees around the world informed and engaged. Prior to joining SAS, Arizzi-Shores worked at various nonprofits as a communications jack-of-all trades. Before that, she worked in higher education, where she studied theories of mass communication and taught college courses in media and technology studies.