The speech is just the start: Use social media to position your executive as a thought leader

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When it comes to energy conservation, UPS had a stake in the game. The company is one of the biggest users of fossil fuels in the world.

Its leadership didn’t want a government crackdown on fuel consumption that could led to a spike in prices. But pioneer alternative fuel technologies were in the company’s interest.

How UPS walked this messaging tightrope during a major conference—and managed to land a New York Times story along the way—is one of many fascinating topics in this talk by Dean Foust.

In this session, you'll learn how to:

  • Find the right thought leadership platforms for each C-Suite executive
  • Develop tailored content for each platform
  • Promote and develop loyal audiences for each venue
  • Cross-market thought leadership content with other organizations

Find out how to convey in words and multiple platforms your leaders’ long-term messaging strategy. Take it beyond the shallow talk about “likes” and tweets to executive communications that will blow your bigwigs’ socks off.

“I needed to show them that the effort we were going to pour into thought leadership wasn't just about getting impressions on Twitter and page views,” Foust says. “I had to speak their language.”

World-class thought leadership enhances organizational reputation, advances business strategy, connects your innovations to those that matter most, and can be tested, measured and replicated. All these can be learned. But you must begin somewhere.

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February 2014

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Dean Foust

Dean Foust serves as director of executive communications for UPS, where he oversees speechwriting and other thought leadership initiatives.