Show Me the Money: PR measurement metrics that impress the C-suite

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For far too long, PR professionals have measured the value of their programs by outdated metrics (ad equivalency), meaningless measures (vanity metrics) or PR-activity metrics (instead of business-outcome measures). If you want a seat at the table, it's time you learn how to speak the language executives understand. We in PR must carry on our trade in the currency of business metrics. In this session, we'll identify the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that really do show the value of your work and furnish a credible ROI for PR in your organization. Beyond conventional quantitative and qualitative analysis of media hits, there are many methods that any company can adopt: tracking lead & revenue generation, share of voice, competitive benchmarking and correlations with business outcomes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Metrics that matter to the C-suite
  • Proving performance optimization and innovation in PR
  • Data analytics for the PR pro
  • Tools and resources for measurement
  • Reporting to executive leadership
February 2017

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Sandra Fathi is the president and founder of Affect, a PR, marketing and social media agency. She has led her company to consistent growth since its inception in 2002. Sandra started as a reporter for a division of Ziff Davis and IDG Tech Network. She's worked at several leading technology firms and one of the top global PR agencies. Her clients include Apple, EDS, Ericsson, Nokia and Microsoft, as well as start-ups. She is a board member of the PR Council and served as Chair of PRSA's Tri-State District, President of PRSA-NY and President of the PRSA Technology Section.