Shifting Gears: Tips for the occasional speechwriter

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What You’ll Learn:: 

Let's face it: Not everyone is a full-time speechwriter. Thousands of communications pros write speeches as a smaller part of their job. If you're being asked to write a speech, you're trusted to craft strong messaging and to work effectively with leaders. It's a unique opportunity to show your value. Nate Osburn, who transitioned from full-time to part-time speechwriting, will help you understand how to quickly shift gears as an occasional speechwriter.

Key Takeaways:

  • Templates that provide a good starting point for different types of speaking engagements
  • Handy tips that help you adjust (and deepen) your relationship with your speaker
  • A drill-down on all of the people you should talk to when crafting a speech
  • Insights on why developing the speechwriting skill is great for your future
March 2016

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Presenter bio: 

Nate Osburn is the Director of Corporate Communications at ASTM International, a global nonprofit that develops safety and performance standards for industries ranging from children's toys to jet fuel. Before that, he served for five years as an Obama-administration appointee, developing high-level communications for members of the U.S. Cabinet as senior speechwriter at the Small Business Administration and director of speechwriting at the Department of Commerce. He has written speeches and other executive communications for top leaders at the American Medical Association, the Federal Aviation Administration, and U.C. Davis Health System. @n8o