But SharePoint sucks! How to turn your employees' attitudes around

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What You’ll Learn:: 

Are your employees rebelling against SharePoint? Consider the John Deere employee—let’s call him Rufus—who was frustrated trying to organize information for meetings.

The company’s SharePoint experts, among them communicator Tara Saylor Litzenberger, came up with a solution and sent him off to see if he could run a better meeting.

Success! Rufus emailed her to say it had worked so well, everyone was asking him to show how it got the job done, Litzenberger says in the Ragan training video, “But SharePoint sucks!  How to turn your employees' attitudes around.”

In this session, you'll learn:

  • Some of the easy ways SharePoint solves common challenges
  • How SharePoint turns users into advocates
  • Why more features aren't always better features
  • How to partner with IT to make both of your lives easier
  • When it's time to call in the outside SharePoint experts

In the case of Rufus, nobody would have listened, Litzenberger says, if she had gone around saying, “Guys, look at this cool thing SharePoint does.” But by solving a problem, she won an enthusiastic advocate.

If you’re running into resistance, steal pointers from Litzenberger. Find out how to use SharePoint to solve problems.

Oh, come on, you may say. Isn’t that what everyone does? In fact, it’s usually the reverse. People in charge of adopting SharePoint say, “Look at this cool software. Look at the things it can do. How are we going to use it?”

Better: Address a real business problem which, coincidentally, SharePoint happens to solve.

Learn how to partner with IT, make it easy for staffers, and limit their options—in a good way, so they’re not overwhelmed. Put yourself in a beginner’s seat—so that your beginners become fans of your SharePoint platform.

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November 2013

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Presenter bio: 

Tara Saylor Litzenberger

Since she joined John Deere five years ago, Tara Saylor Litzenberger has done everything from polishing tractor tires at tradeshows to writing the company's first tweets. Now working in communications, she uses SharePoint daily to help a global team of communicators collaborate more effectively. She also leads the division's internal Web content development as part of an enterprise-wide intranet redesign project. Before John Deere, Tara worked as a copywriter and marketing manager. Tara lives in Kansas. Her job sends her around the American Midwest.