Secrets for building a world-class social media team

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If you manage a social media team, you face a dizzying array of choices. Which channels should I operate, and at what cadence? Should I “square crop” my videos? What sentiment analysis tool should I choose? How can I demonstrate ROI? And crucially, how can I foster better engagement with my audience? Sid Shuman, PlayStation’s director of social media, will share key insights from his experience building some of the largest, most-engaged audiences in social media. You’ll learn where to focus—and what to ignore—when building a content team, along with many other takeaways to boost your online presence.

Key Highlights:

  • Where the conventional wisdom is wrong—and where it’s right
  • How to manage metrics before they manage you
  • Internal collaboration tips to maximize your team’s effectiveness
  • How to cultivate and refine your brand’s voice
  • The one thing you simply have to get right—at any cost
March 2018

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Presenter bio: 

Sid Shuman is the director of social media for PlayStation. Joining PlayStation in 2010, Sid now oversees a team of content creators and strategists at PlayStation’s North American headquarters in San Mateo, CA. In addition to managing the company’s leading Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram presences, Sid’s team oversees the industry-leading PlayStation.Blog, major live video productions from E3 and Paris Games Week, and a popular podcast. Before PlayStation, Sid served as senior editor for legendary video-game magazine GamePro.