Redesign an award-winning intranet with employee-centric strategies

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You know your out-of-date intranet needs a refresh, but it’s not just the platform change, new design and content organization you should worry about. How can you help your staff make the transition so your efforts aren’t wasted? Catherine Williams, employee communications manager for the American Medical Association, will share how switching from asking, “What do we serve up to employees?” to “What do employees want served up to them?” can make a world of difference in your intranet efforts. You’ll learn takeaways as she uncovers the process of redesigning the AMA’s 12-year-old intranet and crafting it into an award-winning employee resource.

November 2018

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Catherine Williams is the manager of employee communications at the American Medical Association, the nation’s oldest and most respected professional association for physicians and medical students. In her role, she manages the AMA’s various internal communications channels and events, reaching more than 1,000 employees across three offices. Williams helped lead the redesign and roll-out of the AMA’s award-winning intranet, AMAtoday. Named one of the world’s best intranets by the Nielsen Norman Group in 2018, AMAtoday has built a more collaborative, connected and efficient workplace, supporting the AMA’s transformation into a digital-first organization. Williams got her start in the New York City public relations world, supporting clients such as Bank of America and Capital One.