Ready For Takeoff: New "Flyer" orientation lifts engagement

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Every new hire is an opportunity to better your engagement statistics. The early stages of new hires' employment essentially set them up for success—or failure. Poor early employment experience can instigate or aggravate an epidemic of disengagement. Result: costly high turnover rates. Want to retain the talent you recruit? A positive experience is absolutely critical. Our motto is... "Now that we've found them, we want to keep them!"

Key Takeaways:

  • Combine relationship building, information sharing and business education to ease a new hire's journey from the beginning to producing value
  • Use targeted follow up to turn warning signs into action plans
  • Exploit executive communication to educate and connect
  • Get engagement through consistent orientation and assimilation experiences
  • Apply the key elements of the success formula to your organization (welcoming, connecting, expectations, knowledge)
November 2015

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Amy Bastuga joined Radio Flyer, home of the iconic little red wagon, tricycles and other ride-on toys, in 2007 as vice president of human resources. She brought her HR expertise to an organization whose vision was an environment where every employee could say "I love my job." In her HR career the past 20 years, she worked in senior HR leadership at several privately held world class manufacturing organizations. These businesses delivered outstanding results by creating great people practices that support a culture of excellence. She has helped lead Radio Flyer to achieve recognition as a best place to work (most recently #1 Best Place to Work in IL) to support their strategic vision of becoming the world's most loved children's brand.