From productivity wasteland to a robust collaboration: How Land O' Lakes reinvented its intranet

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The 10,000-employee cooperative Land O’Lakes successfully launched a new intranet on SharePoint 2013. But things could have gone more smoothly.

In this Ragan Training session, benefit from Land O’Lakes hindsight.

Internal communicator Juliana Wallace led the successful re-launch of the intranet.

But rather than bask in the glory of boosted business goals, she describes pitfalls to avoid when you undertake an enterprise-shaking project. In “From productivity wasteland to a robust collaboration: How Land O' Lakes reinvented its intranet,” she offers advice for internal communicators. You’ll learn:

  • How to put strategy first
  • Why you should build your case to your staff—starting now.
  • Why you need to start planning your “roadshow” right away to demonstrate the benefits of the system, not leaving staffers to puzzle, “What is this thing? Why are we doing it this way?”
  • Hire dedicated staff. Learn the simple metric that will win the bosses over to hiring the help you need.

Land O’Lakes benchmarked staff early on, learning that the top 10 organizations in a Nielsen Norman Group report on intranets have one full-timer dedicated to the task for every 10,000 employees, Wallace says.

Learn why you need to be a pusher. “Tell, don’t ask IT,” Wallace says.

Bank evergreen content, and cultivate experts to create it. Don’t overlook the need to pile up content before the launch.

“Know who your experts are in the business because they are your team,” Wallace says. “They are sources of content for you.”

Know your culture—and prepare to train the slowpokes who don’t catch on right away.

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May 2014

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Juliana Wallace

Juliana Wallace leads internal communications for Land O'Lakes, Inc., a Fortune 200 agribusiness and the second largest cooperative in the United States. Land O'Lakes' newly refashioned internal communications team serves multiple audiences within its 10,000-strong employees via strategic and integrated content delivered on the employee intranet, enterprise email, and digital signage and at corporate events. Wallace comes from an editorial background, equal parts print and digital, with many years spent toiling in the underappreciated world of B2B. She has a B.A. in journalism from the University of Minnesota and an M.Sc. in Sociology from the London School of Economics.