Pixie dust and hashtags: Navigate the digital landscape and flex your social media superpowers

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For communicators, the question is no longer if you should embrace social media, but how you can embrace it effectively.

How can you take advantage of current and upcoming digital trends—and which ones can help you better connect with your audiences, create meaningful interactions, foster trust and brand loyalty, and boost your bottom line? In this keynote, Kristin Graham taps into her decade in high tech, her corporate career climb and her beginnings as a journalist to show how embracing trends and creating social media strategies can help you grab a seat at the table.

In this growing and ever-changing digital landscape, you have to take stock of the skills, attitudes and insights necessary to quickly adapt to your audience’s needs, create snack-size content that gets attention and move past clever (but fleeting) tweets. Focus on strategies that can help you better understand stakeholders, prepare for crises, break down silos and flex your creative muscles. It’s time to carve out your spot in the social media space. Learn from the pioneers, thinkers and doers.

March 2018

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Kristin Graham is the head of employee communications for Amazon Web Services. A former journalist and current technology leader, Graham has centered her career on storytelling, moving from nonprofits to Fortune 50 organizations to dot-coms. She led communications and employee programs for Expedia, where she oversaw executive and employee communications, diversity and inclusion, philanthropy, learning and development, and employer branding initiatives. Graham is a passionate advocate for diversity and women’s initiatives, and has been a frequent speaker and blogger on both professional and personal topics.