For an outstanding intranet, all you need is content, ‘trust and a little pixie dust’

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Consumers and external partners aren’t the only audiences bombarded with content and suffering from message fatigue from today’s increasingly noisy digital media landscapes. You can forge stronger relationships, get your organization’s crucial messages heard and boost online sharing by crafting content that excites your workforce, delivered in the right way and on the right platforms. In this panel discussion, internal communications pros from across industries will share their secrets for creating employee content that sings, along with takeaways for how you can do the same.

You’ll learn:

How to transform your intranet from a content dumping ground into a vibrant exchange of ideas

Ways to effectively communicate your organization’s vision, brand voice and more

Methods for crafting content based on analytics and employee insight—and how to measure your efforts

How to increase communications between leadership and employees through interactive content and opportunities

March 2019

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Kirsten Hamstra

Samantha Critchell

Chip Midnight

Andrew Jayne

Thom Lytle