Once upon a time: Why stories work—and how to work in a story

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George Schultz, Ronald Reagan's secretary of state, tells of a time he brought a speech into the Oval Office for the boss to review. 

The president looked at it, said it was okay, as Eric Schnure recalls. Then he hesitated and said, “You've written this so it could be read. I talk to people.” Reagan grabbed a pen and edited the copy. At one point he dropped in a caret. Above it he wrote, “STORY.”

“He had changed the tone of my speech completely,” Schultz later wrote.

Using a story doesn't change only the tone of a speech. It changes the all-important outcome. Stories make speeches more memorable and more compelling. Those listening are more likely to act. But why?

Join veteran speechwriter Eric Schnure to find out. You’ll learn:

  • What qualities make for a good story and how to unearth them
  • How and where to use a story in speeches
  • How to convince others to use the content you create
  • How to make the people you write for and work with better storytellers and more effective communicators

Speechwriters are a group for whom “narrative” is more than a buzzword. They are professionals who get paid to tell and write stories. View this session, and you will leave with some storytelling how-to's that you will use in your writing from now on.

Learn to elicit great stories from your speaker—and write speeches your audiences will remember.

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February 2014

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Eric Schnure

Before opening his own firm, Eric Schnure served as director of executive communications at GE, where he created communications platforms for the CEO and other leaders.