Meaningful Metrics: Measurement strategies that get results

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The news delivery team at Mayo Clinic had a series of goals for its metrics. The team wanted to give employees the information they needed to know to do their jobs—and to use expertise and data to balance leadership objectives and client and employee needs.

By sharing information with leaders and giving data to make decisions, the team also hoped to inspire employees about working for the famed healing institution.

Sounds good. But how to do that?

Key Takeaways:

  • Ideas for quick, easy research anyone (on any budget) can implement
  • When data collection can inform a decision, and when that ship has sailed
  • How qualitative data yield deeper learning that supports "clicks, hits and likes"
  • To organize data to compel the attention of stakeholders and leaders
November 2014

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Annie Burt is a manager for institutional communications at Mayo Clinic, and leads a team that plans intranet, internal social media and internal news delivery strategies for 60,000 employees.