Make Real Connections and Inspire Action: Lessons from Cisco's brand-language program

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What You’ll Learn:: 

“Your words,” according to The Harvard Business Review, “are your most important competitive weapons.”

That sounds fine. But do you act like you believe that?

Are you constantly asking yourself who your audience is, what they need to know and what they care about?

In this session, Mark Buchanan, program lead for Cisco's brand language initiative, reveals how Cisco changed the language of 75,000 employees and a $140 billion business. He walks you through how the brand-experience team set the plan in motion and made lasting changes.

He shares insights and lessons from the program and homes in on the challenges and opportunities in Executive Communications. He gives you his thoughts about how Cisco's experience can make a difference for your business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Match your voice to your strategy and values
  • Connect faster with busy audiences
  • Build relationships with every word
  • Increase trust and engagement
  • Inspire people to take action
March 2015

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Mark Buchanan helps people at Cisco use simpler, more distinctive language. He also works to bring empathy back to a technology company that has always cared about people, but has found those values challenged by its rapid growth and increasingly complex technology.