Make a difference with your exec

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Sabina Nawaz has worked closely with senior executives for the past 15 years. She knows how busy they are and how heavy their workloads can be.  She also knows what makes them tick.

To get their attention, build rapport and show that you are adding value to your company, you need to break through the barrier of business that surrounds them.

In “Make a difference with your exec,” Nawaz describes the skills and tactics that employees can employ to make an impression on top executives. She spent 15 years at Microsoft, moving from a code-writing software developer to a senior director of leadership, management, employee development and succession planning.

She says you need to exercise leadership to motivate your boss to embrace your good ideas—make them his or her ideas.  It is critical that when you speak, they listen closely.

You can show that value by describing for the executive the WIIFM payoff—What’s In It For Me?  Unless they see a WIIFM benefit in what you propose, your pitch will go nowhere and you’ll be hard pressed to get another audience for your next proposal.

The attributes that you bring to the job—experience, education—aren’t enough. You have to convert those attributes to benefits for the company and the executive. When you explain the benefits you see in your proposal, you have to be convincing.

In this session you'll learn ways to:

  • Speak truth to power
  • Create motivation in your exec
  • Be present with presence
  • Give tough feedback
  • Craft a strong benefits statement
  • Provide a visceral experience
  • Strike the correct “you-to-me” ratio
  • Work more persuasive words into your delivery
  • Tell a story with your proposal
  • Make sure WIIFM is top of mind

Nawaz says that it can be nerve-wracking for an employee to stand before executives from the C-suite and make a presentation. But with skills training and thoughtful preparation, you can deliver a winning proposal—building rapport and earning respect from your exec in the process.  Start here.

October 2013

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Sabina Nawaz is the founder and CEO of Nawaz Consulting. Before starting her own business in 2005, Nawaz spent 15 years at Microsoft, first in software development and then in Human Resources. As senior director of leadership, management, employee development and succession planning, Nawaz launched several programs to identify and cultivate Microsoft's leaders. Her education includes a bachelor’s degree in computer science with a minor in electronics from Smith College, a master’s in computer systems engineering from the University of Massachusetts, and several certifications and advanced training in leadership development. To find out more: