Listen, then write: How content marketers become buyer experts

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Hey, nice “buyer persona” you wrote up there. So John Doe is an operations manager, and he’s married with a kid in college.

The question is, what do we want to market to him? And does your little write-up reveal anything about his “buyer persona” that helps us answer this question?

Answer: Nope.

You need to understand how, when, and why a buyer makes the decision that you want to influence. Adele Revella makes that clear. In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Why surveys, focus groups, and internal stakeholders fail to produce real marketing insight
  • How buyer personas reveal the topics and resources your buyers seek
  • The attributes of an insightful buyer persona
  • The dangers of irrelevant data
  • How buyer expertise lets marketing influence salespeople and sales channels
  • A framework that reduces the number of buyer personas you need to build

The stakes are high in this area. If the buyer makes the wrong decision, he or she might look stupid to the whole company, lose a job, or even face an ignominious end to a career.

Learn about the five rings of buying insight, and the five insights into the buying decision. Learn about priority initiatives, success factors, perceived barriers, the buyer’s journey, and decision criteria.

Find out how insights inform segmentation. How many buyer personas will ensure that your marketing is persuasive?

And gain insights that inform the core value proposition. What is most unique about your solution—and most important to this buyer?

Your mission: to develop buyer expert marketers who have the confidence to define, defend, and deliver persuasive marketing strategies. Learn how here.

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December 2013

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Adele RevellaAdele Revella has more than two decades of experience as a B2B marketing executive, keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, consultant, blogger, and author of For Compelling Content, Let Your Buyers Be Your Guide and The Buyer Persona Manifesto.