Last Night a DJ Rocked Your Brand

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The aviation industry is often likened to an orchestra, where every instrument has to be present, pitch perfect, on tempo and in concert with its counterparts. Southwest Airlines treats content the same way, handling every video clip or picture as its own performance and each channel as its own venue, each catering to a different type of music lover.

Key Highlights:

  • Create content pillars that serve different needs
  • Design content for diverse audiences out of the same root asset
  • Breathe life into underserved areas of the business
  • Learn how to simultaneously boost your reputation and make money
  • Translate your data into a figurative sheet of music that others within your organization can play
September 2017

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Curtis Midkiff Ragan Training

Curtis Midkiff is a subject matter expert offering strategic consultation on business strategies for internal corporate clients such as Marketing, Competitive Insights, Corporate and Crisis Communications, etc. Crafts and executes the organization’s approach to engaging social influencers in support of marketing campaigns and initiatives.