To know you is to love you: How demystifying your organization can help make it a great workplace

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When the comedian Danny Thomas helped found St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, he wanted to create a place that treats kids with serious diseases.

The hospital focused on children with cancer at a time when cancer was considered a death sentence.

St. Jude and its cutting-edge medicine helped change that perception—and the reality. Nowadays the survival rate at St. Jude for the most common form of childhood leukemia is 94 percent.

What does this have to do with creating a great place to work? Your mission is at the heart of what you do. To boost morale and compete in recruitment, you need to be able to foster a deep understanding of your mission among employees, donors and the general public.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • How to infuse a “teach, don't tell” attitude into your culture
  • How to avoid pitfalls that can derail employee understanding
  • How to create an organizational “family table”
  • Creative solutions to simplify complex information
  • How to make it easy for employees to be advocates

Employee satisfaction grows when workers understand how they contribute to organizational success. At St. Jude, the mission is easy to embrace. But it depends on scientific advances that can be difficult to understand, on medical care different from that of most hospitals, and on a complex, unique business model.

The hard work of communicators to build deeper understanding of their organization have resulted in higher employee satisfaction and advocacy.

What kind of education do your employees need? How do you reach those in nonsupervisory roles? Hear about inspirational lectures and other techniques for reaching your internal public.

For employees to do their best, they need to see how what they’re doing connects with your mission. Learn how to boost employee connection and engagement—and become a better organization because of that.

Does improving your work culture seem like a lost cause? Turn to St. Jude.

December 2012

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Kimberly Ovitt is senior vice president of communications for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, the premier hospital for children with cancer and other life-threatening diseases.  She works to establish St. Jude as a global resource, elevate awareness of its scientific discoveries, and attract and retain top talent. She champions communication strategies that work from the inside out.