Internal Meetings 2.0: Get rid of lackluster employee events!

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The fact is, internal meetings are a great opportunity to align, inform and inspire your employees. Have you seized the moment? If not, this is the webinar for you!

Don't miss this session. Learn how to revamp your internal-event planning to execute internal events that bring new energy, life and ideas to employees. You'll learn techniques and tricks to engage employees by creating an open environment that fosters dialogue. You'll give them personal contact with leaders and information that connects them far more deeply to your company.

Key Takeaways:

  • Communicate your company's strategy and culture to align, inform, and inspire employees
  • Lead meetings that build trust and increase transparency
  • Create an environment that lets employees speak their minds to, and hear important messages from, their leaders
  • Plan fun, cost-effective ideas for interactive, meaningful meetings
January 2017

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Presenter bio: 

Golda Akhgarnia joined Jack in the Box Inc. in 2011 and is the senior manager of internal brand communications. She creates and manages content that aligns, informs and inspires all employees through several communication channels. She also works with senior executives to deliver strategic messages to employees at all levels of the organization. Before Jack in the Box, Golda worked at San Diego State University as a media relations specialist and at the San Diego Museum of Art as a public relations coordinator. She earned a BA in communication studies with a minor in Latin American studies from UCLA.