Influencers and savvy content can help you ‘just keep swimming’—and succeed

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What You’ll Learn:: 

With a sea of marketing messages, images, videos and stories competing for people’s time, it’s crucial to reach your target audience members through social media influencers and the right mix of content tailored to your reader and platform. These digital tastemakers can help you build and mobilize a community of passionate brand ambassadors, but you can’t approach these relationships as just another business transaction. In this panel discussion, social media leaders will share insights for finding and working with social media influencers and structuring content across platforms, audiences and campaigns to suit both your brand’s voice and influencers.

You’ll learn:

Characteristics of outstanding influencers—and red flags to avoid

How you can forward business goals and your brand voice while letting influencers have creative content control

How influencer relations and tailored content fit into a cross-platform social media strategy

Ways to gather analytics and measure your effectiveness, no matter your budget or current stage of influencer relations

March 2019

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Presenter bio: 

Thom Lytle

Josh Margulies

Alexandra Pedrini

Kevin Goddard

Lisa Mendillo