How Zappos communicates fun and weirdness to create a great workplace

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Zappos believes that a work culture should be fun and weird. They’re on to something, having landed on FORTUNE’s 100 Best Companies to Work For® seven years in a row. This session shares how Zappos weaves fun and eccentricity into its culture that gets employees firmly behind the Zappos mission To Live and Deliver WOW.”

October 2018

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Ryo Zsun is culture maestro at Zappos Inc., where he started in 2012 as a barista. After a year of wowing Zapponians with creative specialty beverages, his passion for customer service moved him into the Zappos Customer Loyalty Team, delivering happiness on the phones to customers. With his love of connecting with people and his continuous pursuit of growth and development, Zsun soon joined the amazing team of culture guides. As culture maestro, Zsun hosts tours of the Zappos Campus HQ for guests from around the world, sharing history, customer service and the organization’s culture. Zsun recently traveled to Jamaica to share Zappos’ culture and customer service. He also hosts private Q&A sessions on campus and continues sharing his passion for culture through public speaking venues in Las Vegas.