How YouTube, TikTok and Snapchat can help you ‘touch the sky’ with Gen Z

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Gone are the days of turning on network or cable TV to watch a news broadcast—at least, among nearly half of Generation Z viewers. Andrew Springer, consultant for Voice of America and former executive producer of NBC News’ Snapchat series, “Stay Tuned,” will share the huge opportunity for news media companies and communicators targeting the 49% of Gen Z consumers who are watching less and less TV. He’ll also talk about best practices to reach and engage younger viewers, along with insights from short-form videos that can bring millions of unique viewers to interact with previously ignored news and information.

  • You’ll learn: How to better understand the content and format that appeals to Gen Z
  • Ways to make your content short and snackable—while still packed with value
  • Tips for taking advantage of video-centric and mobile-first platforms
  • How social media is changing the way news and other information is consumed
March 2020

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Andrew Springer is an Emmy and Peabody award-winning journalist, producer and entrepreneur. He currently is a consultant at Voice of America, where he's helping develop new digital projects and brands to reach younger audiences. Springer is also the former executive producer of "Stayed Tuned," NBC News' twice-daily show on Snapchat and the first Gen Z news brand. Springer joined NBC News as its director of social media strategy. Prior to NBC, he ran search and social for Mashable and built the first social media teams for "Good Morning America" and ABC News.