How video can save your speaker—and your speechwriting sanity

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“Agent 757, I assume you’re aware that your checkpoint for this mission is in five minutes,” a voice says on the video. “I have the information you requested. Please note: operatives may try to intercept. ... Whatever you do, do not let this information fall into the wrong hands.”

The dramatic, “Mission Impossible”-style video opens this fascinating session. Not only that, it also introduced a major speech by the president of Eastern Virginia Medical School, where Vincent Rhodes serves as director of marketing and communications.

Video is a fantastic tool that can help your speaker do everything from kick off his talk to create a call to action. In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Use video to build up to a grand entrance
  • Convey a complicated idea quickly (such as a highly technical product)
  • Forge a strong emotional connection
  • Transfer ethos from those outside or inside your organization
  • Address practical concerns such as whether to produce video in-house or outsource it

Your speaker’s entrance sets the tone. Does your bigwig start off by droning thanks to twenty or thirty people including his late beloved grandmother? Scrap the dull intros and kick it off with a video.

How well do you explain a complicated subject? Go ahead, check out the eyes of your audience as Boss Bigwig blabbers about your new Fusion-Powered Brain Replicators. Are they getting it? Wouldn’t a video help?

And how about that story that forges an emotional connection with your audience? Might it work better if you told it in video?

From grand concepts to the nitty-gritty, learn it all here. Figure out the lingo of video, such as straight cut and jump cut, cover shot, B‐roll, post-production, “supers,” “sweetening” and the rule of thirds.

Learn what to listen for, and consider framing and how music sets a mood. Come up with a good list of equipment, organized according to “need to haves” and “nice to haves.”

What are you waiting for? Your execs are putting them to sleep. Jazz up your video-enhanced speeches with the help of Ragan Training.

February 2014

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Vincent Rhodes

Vincent Rhodes serves as director of marketing and communications for Eastern Virginia Medical School—a medical school founded in the early 1970s from a grassroots community effort to attract high-quality physicians to the Hampton Roads area.