How to use videos for leadership communications in times of change

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Authenticity can be captured quickly and beautifully when using key strengths from video. Video can bring leaders and employees together and help you execute a strategy to create a resilient culture. With good writing, storytelling strategies, and editing—as well as the proper distribution techniques—you can make viewers laugh or fill them with empathy. In this compelling talk, Kim Clark, most recently director of culture and communications at GoDaddy, a former documentary film producer and currently a Ragan Consulting Group affiliate, will show you how to create leadership videos with heart, humor and a human touch.

You’ll learn:

How to find unique and interesting stories from executives that build relationships and trust

Documentary filmmaking techniques to perfect a video on any topics

Crucial elements of compelling videos that move people to watch

How to distribute your videos across channels to effectively reach your target audiences

March 2019

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Kim Clark is an affiliate consultant with the Ragan Consulting Group. Clark has always been focused on messaging, audiences and how communications shapes people's experience. Her career spans radio, documentary filmmaking, agency partnerships with Discovery Channel, marketing, brand strategy, writing, training and teaching at a university. Since entering corporate cultures at KLA-Tencor, PayPal, NetApp and GoDaddy, she has taken full advantage of the various mediums to engage employees and facilitate transparency and trust in organizations. While at GoDaddy, she built an infrastructure and internal communications strategy from scratch and moved the needle 13 points in trust in just six months as measured by GoDaddy's annual engagement survey.