How Understanding Your Audience Affects Comprehension of, Engagement with, and Reaction to Your Message

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You, smarty-pants, may live in the land of goals and metrics.

Scott Irgang, on the other hand, lives in the land of employee gossip, innuendo, and conspiracy theories. It’s a place where employees mutter, “I can’t believe the boss did that,” and “Why did she wear that dress today?” and “I can tell by the way he got out of the car that way that something’s happening.”

Acting as the designated voice of the employees in his company, he serves on committees where his role is to throw cold water on proposals that might stir up staff ire: “That’s a really lovely idea, but here’s what the employee’s going to say.”

Key Takeaways:

  • 5 steps to truly understand your audience
  • How to identify the right communication channels—and stick to them
  • How to apply the communication loop to your messages
  • Tips to overcome distance, time, space and language barriers—communicate with anyone, anytime, anywhere!
  • How to convince your audience that you are listening and connected to them
September 2014

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Scott Irgang, director of labor relations and employee engagement for Pitney Bowes, Inc., has dealt with employee communications, issues and engagement for more than 25 years.