How to prove the value of PR to your organization

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Ten years ago Sarah Skerik would have told you that most of the people who will read your press release do so within 48 to 72 hours.

Today, press releases have a long life, accruing only half their reads over the first four days. The rest of the readers continue to find the press release over the next four months and beyond.

The era of the four-week campaign is over. Search engines mean that content lives on, and your press release may continue to find fresh readers—and win new customers—for years.

Discover how to succeed in this new ecosystem.

In this session you will:

  • Learn how relationships with credible industry insiders can amplify messages within key target groups and get better outcomes
  • Discover how earned media is evolving, and what this means for PR
  • See examples of innovative uses of press releases used to achieve different business outcomes (and see how those were measured)
  • Re-think press release formatting, and learn to structure content to encourage social sharing and specific actions

Ever puzzle about a friend on Facebook who posts that damned cat video you saw a year ago? That’s because content now is available to people on their own time frame, allowing them to recirculate it, Skerik says.

What’s old hat to you is new and interesting to the person who Googled it up today. Use this to your advantage.

In this session, Skerik offers pointers on what makes press releases work, and what infuriates journalists about them.

She talks about the evolution of media models and how influence has changed. Learn how to calibrate PR for measurement, and optimize your content accordingly.

Supported by the data PR Newswire receives, Skerik digs into how press releases and other content are read online. She tells how she has looked at thousands of press releases and studied what it is that makes the bottom 500 perform so poorly.

Plowing through and looking at the duds, she saw that nearly every other word is linked. Don’t overdo it. Plus, readers are turned off by capitalization that is dropped in randomly. You think you’re GETTING PEOPLE’S ATTENTION. Instead, you’re making your press releases underperform.

Find out how to proceed, given that “there is an infinite stream of content out there set against a really well defined and limited amount of attention,” Skerik says.

Think people are no longer reading press releases? Wrong! People are tweeting the daylights out of press releases—when they’re done correctly. Find out how.

Your influencers are the people who care and are connected to the community. Hear how to reach them—and get them to pay attention to you.

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September 2013

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Sarah Skerik is vice president of content marketing for PR Newswire, where she oversees all marketing content initiatives for the company, using a variety of content formats and platforms to acquire audience attention, build engagement and generate qualified leads, increase sales and keep more customers. Her former jobs with PR Newswire were in social media, product management, channel development and sales.