How McDonald's USA ties communications to the bottom line

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Perhaps it has happened to you. You discuss a campaign with your marketing partners, and some type-A hard-charger growls, “We need to get one billion media impressions for this campaign or over this year.”

And maybe you’ve had to let him down gently: “I think we all have to remember: There’s only 310 million people in the United States.”

There is widespread confusion over how to measure public relations these days.

Join Molly McKenna Jandrain, and dig deep into how McDonald’s measures. In this session, you'll learn how to:

  • Determine which key performance indicators to measure
  • Connect the dots between awareness, engagement, reach, and traffic to the bottom line
  • Assign value to impressions, articles, shares, “likes,” comments, and more
  • Map media goals to the priorities of your business or organization
  • Determine which metrics matter most to your executives

The Barcelona Declaration and the Institute of Public Relation have called for new standards in measurement. These foster a common language for comparison, increased reliability, greater efficiency, and innovation.

Learn about calculating impressions, what counts as a media placement, how to calculate tone or sentiment, and why (ugh!) Advertising Value Equivalency should not be used as a measure of media. Focus on the outcome.

“What’s really that change at the end of the day that we’re seeking?” McKenna Jandrain says. “What is our purpose in that campaign or in creating a Facebook page? It shouldn’t just be putting all this activity out there. What’s that end change or end goal that we really want to get to?”

The goal is a measurement process that is both meaningful but also actionable. Learn about the measurement “musts” such as defining success and identifying learnings. Hear how McDonald’s quantifies impressions.

“Let’s say we’re trying to target 18-year-old women who ride motorcycles,” McKenna Jandrain says. “We’re trying to target 18-year-old women who ride motorcyclists. We don’t necessarily always want to always reach out to the USA Todays of the world. That might have really high numbers, but maybe our key audience isn’t reading USA Today.”

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February 2014

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Molly McKenna

Molly McKenna Jandrain is director of public relations for McDonald's USA, where she oversees the public relations strategy to support the McDonald's U.S. business and brand. Since 2012, Molly has developed and led a strategic, measurable, integrated communications platform to effectively reach and engage defined audiences with the McDonald's story, business and brand actions.