How to make your intranet trustworthy

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Want to erode trust in your organization? William Amurgis has some examples of how companies have done just that.

Consider the chief information officer who said, “We cannot afford to be great. Good is good enough”—thereby inspiring employees to mediocrity.

But if you’re seeking to win their trust in your leadership, take some tips from Amurgis in this Ragan Training video, “How to make your intranet trustworthy.”

You’ll learn:

  • How trust is essential to achieve your goals
  • Why successful companies have leadership that builds trust
  • 12 tips for building trust
  • Why trust is a way of doing things—and why it pays business dividends

Amurgis says communicators should be worried to learn that only 19 percent of employees trust leaders to make moral and ethical decisions, while 18 percent trust them to tell the truth, according to the Edelman Trust Barometer.

Learn what it means to “bring the outside in.” But if you’re only presenting them with your rah-rah viewpoint, they won’t buy it. Find out how the Copyright Clearance Center can help you.

Discover the importance of respect, and why AEP didn’t add a “report abuse” button to its intranet.

Find out how to open yourself to employees’ perspectives. One great way to make your intranet relevant is to allow comments on your posts. And quit worrying about what the masses will say.

Hear ways to follow consumer trends so your organization’s platform doesn’t look like a digital dinosaur compared to the platforms your employees use at home. In many organizations, employees who use their own personal technology for work have deliberately bypassed official sanctioned workplace technology. Get up to speed with what they’re doing at home and on their devices.

Find out why you must pay attention to detail, and how to be fresh and timely.

Hear how American Electric Power changed everything on the front of its intranet site daily. “You raise the level of trust if people know that when they come to the intranet, they’re seeing what’s happening right now,” Amurgis says.

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June 2013

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amurgis william

William Amurgis, a consultant in internal communications, is the former director of internal communications at American Electric Power, an electric utility company of 19,000 employees serving over 5.3 million customers. He has worked on corporate intranets since 1995 (before the term "intranet" even existed), and has spoken about intranets in webinars and at conferences across North America, Europe and Australia.