How to link PR to business results

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What You’ll Learn:: 

When Pauline Draper-Watts asks her audience of communicators what their objectives are, they are frequently caught off-guard.

Too often, publicists just want to grab their PR bow and arrow and fire away without knowing what the target is, Draper-Watts says. But you need to demonstrate business results.

In this session, you'll learn to:

  • Set suitable objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Match PR measurement to the business goals of your organization
  • Break down silos in public relations, marketing and other departments
  • Match public relations goals to the priorities of senior leaders
  • Share results in the numerical language of business, not PR-speak

Find out how to create focus for you and your organization. Gauge effectiveness and prove accountability. Learn to set and achieve the right goals.

In the post-Barcelona Principles world, you need to establish baselines for PR communications and strengthen their strategic impact. Determine which tactics have the biggest impact. And you’d better be able to demonstrate business results.

Glean ideas in all these areas from Draper-Watts and Edwards. Learn how to match PR measurement to business goals.

Furthermore, you’ll hear from Adobe’s Edwards about how PR coverage and social media are big data.

Edwards recalls being told by professors in school, “If you’re ever asked to tie PR results to the bottom line, run!” But hiding your head in the sand won’t work anymore.

Hear how Adobe moved from doing nothing but clip-counting to making use of data to shape strategy and understand volume, sentiment, and share of voice. Find out what made Google unhappy when it and Adobe created a joint study with Google.

And learn why Adobe’s CMO says, “Without a doubt, PR is consistently the most significant driver of revenue at Adobe.”

Can you link your PR to business results? Start here to learn more.

October 2013

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Presenter bio: 

Pauline Draper-Watts is executive vice president and lead for measurement and analytics at Edelman Berland. Pauline is passionate about good research and solid media analysis that demonstrate the effectiveness of communication. Her expertise is in the contribution of social media, publicity and PR to brand health, linking media analysis to other research and integrating it with additional metrics. Pauline chaired the IPR's Commission on Public Relations Measurement & Evaluation, which writes and promotes standards and methods for PR research, measurement and analytics. The goal is ethical strategic public relations. She worked with AMEC, the Global Alliance, the International Communications Consultancy Organization, and PRSA to draft the Barcelona Declaration of Measurement Principles.

Cory Edwards is head of new media communications at Adobe, working across PR and social media teams to strategically integrate new media business principles into traditional PR functions. His team ensures that Adobe incorporates best practices and principles into social governance, measurement frameworks, and new communications and reputation initiatives. Before Adobe, Cory directed Dell’s social media and corporate reputation, managing its online reputation and influencer initiatives.