How Domino's Pizza broke all the rules of traditional marketing to turn its brand around

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You saw the ads a couple years ago: Domino's Pizza employees were unhappily quoting critics who said their pizza crusts taste like cardboard and their sauce like ketchup.

And possibly you’re aware of the global success of this campaign by Domino’s to revamp its recipes, mend its ways, and re-brand the company. The campaign resulted in a 14 percent growth in sales in one quarter.

So, what are the lessons for your brand? If you’re a hospital or a bank, you’re not about to tell your customers you’ve been misdiagnosing patients or mishandling their money for 50 years. How do you turn over a new leaf and recommit to customers, both in the real world and on social media?

Join Tim McIntyre for some important lessons in transparency and honesty—and in being willing to listen to and learn from your critics. In this session you'll learn how to:

  • Develop a social media voice that conveys honesty and transparency
  • Use customer generated content to bolster your branding efforts
  • Build credibility—without it, your re-branding will not work
  • Be risk takers: Stand out by creating content that wows your audience

Domino’s has long won high marks for service, beating its competitors in customer loyalty and engagement. But taste? Only a few years ago it was ranked right up there with Chuck E. Cheese. Ouch.

Domino’s started by introducing new products, and ended up with a revamping of the way it does business. And along the way it discovered new ways of engaging with fans and critics alike, and winning those critics over into advocates.

Hear how a flippant—and rather funny—ad campaign drew criticism from consumers who said, “You have not earned the right to be so cocky. Your product isn’t good.” Find out the secrets behind the re-launch campaign that ended up winning Domino’s hundreds of rave reviews on media worldwide.

Join McIntyre as he describes the social media aspect of Domino’s transformation. And hear how what looked like a simple remix of the pizza recipe was really a transformation in the way the company communicated.

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April 2014

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Tim McIntyre

Tim McIntyre has served as vice president of communications for Domino's Pizza, the recognized world leader in pizza delivery, since January 1997. He is responsible for Domino's internal communications, public and media relations, event management, crisis communications, community involvement and charitable giving. He joined Domino's in 1985.