How to Create an Effective TED Talk

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TED talks are hot these days. They're a great way to promote ideas and spark conversations. They can engage, challenge and inspire employees. TED talks can even get you major attention from the media and potential customers. The trick is: how to do all that in 18 minutes or less? Rob Friedman of Eli Lilly and Company shows you how.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to distill an "idea worth spreading" into a compelling speech
  • How to tell the stories that are the heart of a TED talk
  • When and how to use visuals effectively
  • The most effective structure for a TED talk
  • Techniques you can use not only for TED but for all speeches
  • The secret element that distinguishes a TED talk from most other speeches
September 2015

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Presenter bio: 

Rob Friedman

Rob Friedman is senior director of Global Executive Communications for Eli Lilly and Company, supervising a team of writers and writing for Lilly's CEO and other senior executives. In the late 1980s at Ragan Communications, Rob was editor of Speechwriter's Newsletter and The Ragan Report. He has taught workshops on speechwriting and editing to thousands of professional communicators. Rob was a speechwriter for Ameritech and the American Medical Association before joining Lilly in 1994. Twenty of Rob's speeches have appeared in Vital Speeches of the Day; his 2010 speech for Lilly CEO John Lechleiter, Ph.D., delivered to the Detroit Economic Club, earned a Cicero Award as one of the year's best.