How Chesapeake maintains a culture of excellence, transparency and strength

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Out in the field? Oil-stained blue-collar workers. Well drillers and pipefitters. Folks who tend to have high school educations and don’t have computer access on the job.

Back in HQ? White collar types. PhD chemists. Computer-savvy employees who work in labs or at their desks.

So how do you communicate to these two tribes? Chesapeake pulls it off. Hear how.

During this keynote, you will learn:

  • Details about Chesapeake’s benefits, on-site amenities and incentive programs
  • How building a culture of trust and collaboration starts at the top
  • Ways the company fosters innovations that meet market challenges and create new opportunities for employee advancement and engagement

Are competitors headhunting your staff? Or are you trying to turn around a culture of general misery? Remember what you’re good at as an organization—and what business goals you’re trying to achieve—before you start offering cool benefits.

Hear how Chesapeake overcame its generation gap between the two cohorts of its staff—the young and the generation easing toward retirement—with few in between.

Find out how Chesapeake finds ways to recruit against giants like Exxon-Mobile to entice young petroleum engineers out of college, while not losing the wisdom of its graybeards.

Burger tells how Chesapeake created a workout program for those who were intimidated by the he-men and iron–women of its fitness center.

“This isn’t about a bunch of skinny 25-year-olds who get together and play sand volleyball,” Burger says.

Got high turnover in your staff? So did Chesapeake. It kept losing geologists who hated the way they had to be on call 24 hours a day in a modern drilling operation. Hear how communications asked them to help come up with a solution.

One secret she reveals: It’s not about the money you spend. It’s about transparency. And it’s about empowering your staff to do great things. Hear about Chesapeake’s community garden, started on a whim of the CEO, which has turned into a place where employees bring their families to dig and grow vegetables.

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December 2012

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Presenter bio: 

Martha Burger joined Chesapeake Energy in 1994 as revenue accounting manager. During the past 17 years, she has held numerous positions of increasing responsibility. Ms. Burger currently serves as senior vice president human and corporate resources, managing human resources, administrative services, facilities, communications, security, ethics and the company’s fitness center.