How to Build an Enterprise Social Network that Boosts Productivity and Creates a Culture of Engagement

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Boy, are you with it. You’re getting your very own enterprise social network.

But are you ready to do the work to make it a raging success in your organization? Or would it perhaps be easier to shovel all those corporate dollars into a duffel bag with a stone in the bottom and toss it in the East River?

Because your enterprise social network will flop if you don’t study some lessons from Jeff Ross.

Key Takeaways:

  • 12 essential keys to build a successful enterprise network
  • Stories of success and failure from one Fortune 100 company's ESN project
  • Suggestions for engaging employees on your own network
  • How to measure and improve network participants' sense of community
  • Priceless resources for ESN leaders
September 2014

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Jeff Ross

Jeff Ross is a community manager for Humana's enterprise social media team and has served in that role with the company’s enterprise social network, Buzz, since its launch in 2010.