How to Be a Great Workplace that Lures and Retains Top Employees

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What You’ll Learn:: 

Tired of working for an outfit full of screaming bosses and grumbling workers?

Borrow a page from SAS, a company that has made the top 10 list of Fortune's Best Companies to Work For—11 times.

SAS proves that culture, engagement and great communications make the difference between a place where employees cheerfully working their cubicles and one where they hide out sobbing in bathroom stalls.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dr. Jim Goodnight, co-founder and chief executive of SAS, shares why he believes a culture of trust is the foundation for bringing out the best in employees. The culture is the reason SAS workers commit so passionately to their company.
  • China Gorman, CEO of Great Place to Work, who discusses the key ingredients of a great workplace. Her conclusions come out of her organization's extensive research on the employee experience and its work with many top companies.
  • Dave Whorton, founder and CEO of The Tugboat Group, a firm whose mission is to build and nurture new companies. He explains why it's critical to create a long-term vision for one's company and make an unwavering commitment to its future.
  • Jennifer Mann, vice president of human resources at SAS, who introduces the panel. Jim Davis, chief marketing officer and senior vice president at SAS, moderates.
November 2014

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Presenter bio: 

Since he co-founded SAS in 1976, Jim Goodnight has served as the company's chief executive. A worldwide leader in business analytics, SAS has more than 13,800 employees in 59 countries. innovation.

Dave Whorton is the founder and CEO of The Tugboat Group, a firm with the mission of re-introducing the vital importance of humans coming together to create and grow lasting businesses that make a dent in the universe.

China Gorman is Chief Executive Officer of Great Place to Work. With 30 years’ experience in strategic business leadership roles within HR professional services organizations, China has firmly established herself as a sought-after speaker, writer and thought leader within the human resources domain.

Jennifer Mann is vice president of human resources for SAS. In her career of 19 years, Jenn has passionately advocated change and innovation.