How the Barcelona Principles apply to your measurement strategies

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Measurement? you may say. Who needs it? My program is so special, it can’t be measured. Besides, what about AVEs?

Listen, my friend. Have a seat. Let us break it to you easy.

The world is changing, and an international set of PR measurement standards have emerged: the Barcelona Principles. And they forbid the use of Advertising Value Equivalents (AVEs),

In 2010, PR industry leaders gathered in sunny Spain to create the first-ever PR measurement standards.  Yes, we’re sorry you missed it, too. But Don Bartholomew didn’t, and he’ll catch you up in this session.

The International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication and other organizations, including the Public Relations Society of America, initiated this effort to create and promote more realistic, accurate and consistent measurement. These principles have been adopted by hundreds of associations, companies and individuals. They range from how to set measurable goals to how to show the return on investment of what you do.

In this session, you will:

  • Review these principles
  • Learn how to apply the principles
  • Hear case studies of global companies that implemented the principles
  • Learn practical skills to increase the value of your work
  • Walk away with the 10 golden rules in measurement 

Find out why standards are increasingly important. Discover how you can use measurement to track progress and improve programs, says Bartholomew. Add a measurement component midway through a campaign to determine success and correct course.

“Resist the temptation to just become a scorecard keeper in measurement,” Bartholomew says.

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March 2013

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Don Bartholomew

Don Bartholomew is senior vice president of digital and social media research at Ketchum. He is a 20-year senior communications veteran who has worked for and with significant consumer and B2B brands across product marketing, marketing communications, advertising, public relations and research and measurement. His specialties include social media research and measurement, public relations evaluation and measurement, return on investment and brand tracking studies.