Healthy, wealthy and wise: Engagement that encourages employees to take care of their health

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You know how it goes. It’s New Year. You pinch that paunch of yours and tell yourself, “You can do better than this.”

So you make the usual resolutions and buy that exercise machine. Only to have it turn into a rack for drying clothes or smoking salmon.

Are your employee health communications like that—good in intention, short on the follow-up? Learn from USAA how to get your staffers off their duffs and onto the treadmills—and into the rest of your wellness programs.

In “Healthy, wealthy and wise: Engagement that encourages employees to take care of their health,” find out how to:

  • Use formal, leadership and informal communications to create “surround-sound” wellness
  • Grab and hold employees' attention on important health and wellness topics
  • Encourage your workforce to take action that gets measurable results for them and for the company
  • Use the power of communities and grass roots communication to create healthy-living ambassadors
  • Make wellness a destination for family members of employees

USAA has been on a 10-year journey to overcome the problem that bedevils so many wellness programs. Gather tips from USAA’s successes and lessons learned.

Hear about the wellness benefits that include $350 for smoking cessation and weight management, and a healthy points program that reduces workers’ medical premiums.

Find out how USAA fosters teambuilding through wellness, and counsels leaders to cast a strong wellness shadow. Glean tips for providing key messages and recognizing employee successes.

These strategies work. Wellness engagement among USAA employees continues to climb, and 85 percent participate in one or more wellness activities. Employees are healthier, and there has been a 28 percent reduction in average health risk factors. The employee average BMI has trended down since 2009.

Wouldn’t you like to see those benefits in your organization? Start with Chris Olson.

November 2013

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Chris Olson is assistant vice president of internal communications at USAA. His team provides enterprise communication solutions that engage the workforce to be passionate advocates of USAA’s mission, strategy, brand and culture. He works closely with USAA’s CEO to design messages and solutions for company-wide executive and employee meetings, and serves as the lead communications consultant for USAA’s Human Resources team. He has extensive experience communicating a wide range of benefits, compensation and enterprise business and workplace initiatives.