Grassroots Video Marketing Inside Billion-dollar Companies

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It started as a quest to get real people in real offices to explain on camera how they use Microsoft Office.

Doug Thomas made a video to show people how to share files among various computers—home, work, his wife’s, his daughters—through Microsoft Office Live Workspace.

It’s a simple video, shot from his desk, in which he flaps around Post-it notes to make his point. The powers that be were so excited, they had him rerecord it and post it on the home page of

Which led to a new gig, cranking out the highly successful (and easy-to-replicate) Office Casual videos on the features of their product.

Key Takeaways:

  • 5 keys to a successful no-budget video shot in your office
  • Why it's good to be angry, or how passion trumps production value
  • 3 creative kick-starters: It's not about diving deep, but diving often
October 2014

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Doug Thomas is a content developer for at Microsoft, and has appeared in and created more than 250 videos including Office Casual, an award-winning how-to series shot at his desk. He leads the Office 15-Minute Webinars, a free weekly series with demos and Q&A with the Office Help & How-to writers. Previously Thomas worked at as managing editor in the DVD department, and reviewed movies for numerous outlets for twenty years, so it's ironic that he now creates videos—he used to sell Betamax players.