The Global State of Engagement

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Gallup? So how come the poll people are talking about employee engagement? Aren’t they the ones who track politicians’ ups and downs in popular opinion?

Precisely, but Gallup’s expertise goes far beyond that. Who other than a polling firm would have a better handle on internal sentiment—the grumbling that bosses don’t hear about, the strongpoints you would be blushing with pride to learn about?

Key Takeaways:

  • The national and global state of employee and customer engagement
  • The complicated relationship of employee and customer engagement
  • Engagement best practices, including the most important lever any organization can pull
  • How social media helps manage engagement both internally and externally
October 2014

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Larry Emond joined Gallup in 1992, opening Gallup's Tokyo office and other offices in Asia before accepting the job of chief marketing officer in 1996.